The journal Langues & Cultures (Languages & Cultures) ISSN: 2716-8093  EISSN: 2716-8212 is an international scientific journal published in the French language but not excluding other languages. It is edited by the LDP Language, Discourse, and Plurilingualism Laboratory, part of the Department of Letters and French Language at Ahmed Draia University - Adrar. The journal is intended for a multidisciplinary scientific community and aims to publish thematic issues within an interdisciplinary perspective, covering areas such as linguistics, didactics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and literature, preceded by a call for contributions distributed on various websites. Each call for contributions is issued under the responsibility of a coordinator, with a "Varia" section containing articles unrelated to the specific theme. Occasionally, the journal also publishes special issues and proceedings of conferences or study days.

"Langues & Cultures " prioritises unpublished contributions and publications from both established researchers and novice doctoral students who adhere to international writing standards and ethical rules. Upon receipt, articles are anonymously subjected to double-blind peer review, with a third review if the first two are contradictory. Each article is evaluated by a multidisciplinary and international scientific committee consisting of experts and teacher-researchers from Ahmed Draia University-Adrar, as well as other Algerian and foreign universities.

In order to continually improve the quality of scientific publications and promote multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, the journal "Langues & Cultures " remains open to proposals from national and international experts, especially in the areas of scientific writing, methodology, and editing. The journal and its team strive to offer the entire readership, representing various linguistic and epistemic backgrounds, high-quality scientific articles that adhere to scientific rigor and ethical standards.