Aims and Scope


  • Arts and Letters: This section encompasses various forms of artistic expression and literary works, exploring their cultural significance and impact.

  • Linguistics: Research in linguistics investigates the structure, evolution, and usage of languages, as well as their sociocultural contexts.

  • Literature: This section focuses on the analysis and interpretation of literary texts from diverse cultural backgrounds, periods, and genres.

  • Discourse Analysis: Scholars delve into the systematic study of language use in various contexts, including communication, media, and society.

  • Didactics: Research in didactics explores innovative approaches to language teaching and learning, addressing pedagogical strategies and methodologies.

  • Translation: This section examines theories, practices, and challenges in the translation process, highlighting linguistic and cultural aspects.

  • Cultural Studies: Scholars investigate cultural phenomena, identities, and representations, exploring their intersections with language, literature, and society.

Langues & Cultures encourages submissions that contribute to advancing knowledge in these areas and promotes rigorous scholarship, critical inquiry, and intellectual exchange within the scholarly community.