Author Guidelines

                                                GENERAL GUIDE FOR AUTHORS

Submission Procedure

All submissions to the Languages & Cultures Journal must go through the ASJP platform (Algerian Scientific Journal Platform)

To access it, complete the instructions below:

Submissions that do not follow these rules may be returned to the authors.Articles submitted to the Languages & Cultures Journal must be original and unpublished.
Submissions must follow the format of the Languages and Cultures Journal template.
Every article must provide a summary of 150 to 250 words in both French and English.

Articles must be submitted electronically at:

How do I submit?

Step 1: Visit the website of our journal

Step 2: Create an account

Click the following link:

Fill in the information (name, country, preferred communication language).

Once you confirm your registration, an email will be sent to the address you specified.

- Log into your account.

Step 3: Submit Your article

Before you begin submitting, prepare your article in Doc Format, according to the journal’s Template, which can be downloaded from the journal’s website ( You must comply with the editorial protocol and the graphic charter of the Languages & Cultures Journal.

- Log in to your account (username and password obtained).

- Click on “article submission.”

Step 4: Article Information

Fill in the following information for the article:
- Language of the article.
- Article Title
- Article file [Insert your article (.doc).]
- The Summary
- Keywords
Fill in information about the author, and if you wish to add an author, click on (Add an author).
Step 5: Author Information

Fill in information about the author, and if you wish to add an author, click on (Add an author).
- Name and surname of the author.
- Institution (organization)
- The country
- Email:

To submit your article, click on Submit.