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Vol 4 No 02 (2023): Langues & Cultures Volume 4 Issue 2 / December 2023
Published: 2023-12-31


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Languages & Cultures is an international scientific journal published in French, but does not exclude other languages. It is edited by the LDP {Laboratoire langue, discours et plurilinguisme, LDP} – Language, Discourse and Multilingualism Laboratory, Department of French Language and Arts at Ahmed Draia University, Adrar, Algeria. The journal primarily targets a multidisciplinary scientific research community. It seeks to publish theme concerns from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as linguistics, didactics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, and literature, preceded by a call for papers sent via numerous websites.Each call for contributions is made under the supervision of a coordinator, with a “Varia” section comprising articles that do not fall under the theme at hand. In exceptional instances, the journal may produce special editions, colloquial acts, or study days.The journal Languages & Cultures strives to prioritize new contributions and publications by scholars and new Ph.D. students who comply with international writing standards and ethical principles.Upon receipt, the articles undergo an anonymous double-blind evaluation. If the first two events are in conflict, a third will occur. Each publication is examined by a diverse, multidisciplinary, and international scientific committee made up of many experts and research teachers from Ahmed Draia University, as well as other Algerian and foreign universities.To continuously improve the quality of scientific publications and foster multidisciplinary research, the journal “Languages & Cultures” continues to accept submissions from national and international specialists, particularly in the areas of scientific writing, methodology, and publishing.The journal and its whole team make every effort to provide the reader with all linguistic and epistemic requirements to produce high-quality scientific articles that adhere to scientific rigor and ethical standards.